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About Me

So you want to know a little about me?
Well you are in the right place!
I am 28 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada. And being from Canada, I love my hockey....and beer!
When I have some free time from my real work, I can be found doing some photography, modeling and yes, sometimes you can find me singing!
I am a huge anmal lover. I currently have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I so want another dog soon!
One of my favorite sports to play is soccer. Many folks do not know that I played soccer for 10 years and I was awesome.
Well I am a master chef! If you put somthing in front of me, I will make an amazing meal of it.
I have 11 tattoos. And this will be expanding very soon. I love traditional tats and have a few flash ones in my collections.
I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Playboy's Miss Social, Twitter and Youtube....just click on the FOLLOW ME link.